How to export midi drums correctly

General tips

You should try to have your drums on a single track and if you can merge all events/regions to a single event/region. Solo the drum track if you don't have an extra option to only export the selected track/event/region. If you have an option like "Use MIDI file type format 0" when exporting your midi file from your program enable it! If you can't hear parts or all your drums after re-importing please check your drum library if it is receiving on all midi channels (omni), also see the FAQ about omni channel in Kontakt.

Export midi drums from Cubase

Solo your midi drum track -> Click "File" -> "Export" -> "MIDI File" -> Choose option "Export as Type 0"

Export midi drums from Logic

Select your midi region(s) -> Right click your region(s) -> "Bounce and Join" -> "Join" (will make your life easier when re-importing the converted midi) -> Right click your region -> "Export" -> "Export as MIDI File" -> "Save"

Export midi drums from Reaper

Select your midi drum track -> Click "File" -> "Export project MIDI" -> Choose option "Selected Tracks only" -> Choose option "Merge to single MIDI track (type 0 MIDI file)" ->"Save" 

Export midi drums from Studio One

Select your midi event(s) -> Right click -> "Event" -> "Export Selection" -> Choose filetype ".mid" (NOT ".musicloop") & "Save"

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