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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I convert multiple MIDI files or whole folders at once?

Yes! "Batch Conversion" is available for users subscribed to MIDI Remap Pro or with our single usage codes (1 code for 1 batch conversion). If you for example have a bought MIDI Pack or your favorite vendor you simply need to create a zip file of the folder and upload it. Your converted download will be a zip file too, containing the same structure with all subdirectories as your original folder and all MIDI files will have "-midi-remap-com" appended to their filename.


What if my "new" library does not have all the cymbals, toms ...?

MidiRemap is so awesome and smart enough to inform you about every drum element that is not available in your new library and will also make intelligent suggestions for most similar, comparable elements. For example if your old library had 5 Hi Hat Open articulations and your new library only has 3, MidiRemap will automatically map "Hi Hat Open 4" and "Hi Hat Open 5" to "Hi Hat Open 3" as this might be the most comparable sound. Same with missing Cymbals and so on: If you had 4 Crashes before and now you only have 2 available 3 and 4 will become "Crash 2" out of the box. You can always change the suggestions manually before converting. Awesome, isn't it?


Can I convert any drum library to any other?

Yes! We have presets waiting for you for the most popular drum libraries at the moment. If you find yourself with a drum library that is not available as a preset yet, or you have problems with e.g. customised drumsets you can always create yourself a custom mapping and save the config file (.json file) for later!

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