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Are you trying to convert your existing Toontrack EZdrummer MIDI drums to another library, e.g. Get Good Drums Modern & Massive? Or the other way around? MidiRemap converts your midi notes to new note values and adjusts their velocity if needed. We have presets for all major drum libraries and of course you can create your own individual mappings.

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Does the Piano Roll in your Digital Audio Workstation start at C-1 or C-2?
Why is this important? Middle C in MIDI should actually be C4 (value 60). Most Digital Audio Workstations (e.g. Studio One) use a different middle C octave then this standard. In Logic or Reaper for example you can even set the middle C octave in preferences. If your program starts the piano roll at C-2 you need to activate this option. If it starts at C-1 (e.g. Reaper by default) don't activate this option. If you want to learn more check our YouTube video on the topic.
Info: You can leave those fields empty if you only want to convert midi notes. Same if you only want to convert Program Changes, simply ignore the note fields.


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What audio professionals say about MidiRemap

MidiRemap is now a quintessential part of how I work with drums when dealing with a multitude of clients. It keeps things simple and saves me hours of time!
Wynter Prior
Sphynx Studios (Brighton, UK)
We don't have a drummer so writing drum parts with an e-kit and then adjusting midi notes in the box is what we do most of the time. MidiRemap improved our workflow a lot and trying out different libraries for different songs is a breeze!
Vision of Jupiter
New Metal (Munich, DE)

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